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How to delete account on Sketch?

Hello. My name is Kellrea, and I want to show you, how to delete your account on Sketch. Actually I write in Czech, so sorry for my bad english. 😉


Post a sketch with the numbers “1455” on the account you want to delete, this in order to validate that you are the owner of the account.


Send a link to the profile of Sony Sketch ( https://sketch.sonymobile.com/profile/d51e31f9-6aa1-474b-9e0e-3357e9bc2b9c ) .


Log out from the account on all devices.

You can see here, that here is nothing hard. But be sure, that you save all your pictures, because after deleting all your subscribes, likes, comments and sketches will be deleted. So be sure, that you are ready to do that. And last thing, your account can be not deleted after making all instructions. My deleting was 1 moth long.

Best wishes,

Kellrea 😉

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