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100 years of Czechoslovkia!!!

Hi. Today, is very important day for my country where I live- Czech Republic. Today is 100 years of Czechoslovakia. For those who doesn’t know… Before Czech Republic was created, on it’s area was Czechoslovakia. Well… actualy, that country was Czech+Slovakia. It was created on 28th October 1918, and in 1993 it devided on Czech and Slovakia. So… it is very important for me, even if I am not czech. 😀 I can’t wait for a big parade. I thing it will be great!!! Ups… and… I drew a picture for this day. ENJOY! 🙂

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  • Arlekina

    Очень хорошие слова. Да,это важная дата. И пусть это липовое дерево растет и дальших сто лет

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